Jason Young

Former Director of Guest Experience, North Point Ministries and Buckhead Church

Meet Jason

Jason Young is a hospitality, leadership, and emotional intelligence coach and communicator. He has worked with leaders in numerous companies and churches including Ford Motor Company, Life.Church, and Chick-fil-A. Jason is also the author of The Come Back Effect, which focuses on how hospitality can compel guests to return to a church or business.

Introducing Jason

2 Series
14 Videos
40 minutes
Team Guide

Customer Experience

1. Creating Team Culture

In the Creating Team Culture series, Jason Young shares ways to make your work more meaningful. Lessons include: Culture; Reach for Significance; Three Questions for a Stronger Business; Shift Work; Work vs. Home; and Why This is Important.

6 part series

2. Harnessing the Guest Experience

In the Harnessing the Guest Experience series, Jason Young explains techniques to understand and improve how guests experience your work. Lessons include: Be Fully Present; Focus on a Feeling; Observe Details, Everything Communicates; Recover Quickly; Reject "Just Okay"; What a Guest Should Feel; Know the Guest, and Think Scene by Scene.

8 part series