Service Excellence with
Horst Schulze

Learn the industry-shaping concepts that continue to raise the bar for every service business in the world. With his iconic German style, Horst will endear you while simultaneously challenging you.

5 Series 29 Videos
1.5 hours Team Guide
Customer Experience with
Jason Young

There are truths that must be known and acted upon to ensure service is elevated to world-class standards. Learners will not only understand these truths, but will be equipped to bury them into their subconscious mind to deliver world-class service without thinking.

2 Series 14 Videos
40 minutes Team Guide
Sense of Ownership with
Beth Romanoski

In the Ownership series, Beth Romanoski explains how to take ownership of your work, and your life. Lessons include: Ownership; Think Like an Owner; Take Initiative; Team Player; Make it Better; and Take the Long Road.

1 Series 5 Videos
15 minutes Team Guide
Servant Leadership with
Gerald Fadayomi

In the Servant Leadership series, Gerald Fadayomi shares how to lead with heart. Lessons include: Servant Leadership; Building Trust; Celebrate Others; Lead Humbly; and Seek Feedback.

1 Series 5 Videos
20 minutes Team Guide